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For this exhibition, ROAD TRIP, Marshman includes a series of evocative vignettes, where her painted works offer intriguing cropped views of the landscape, as though glimpsed from a car, with an abstracted effect. Painting in oil, on a combination of linen, canvas and board, this series was first inspired by a road trip through New Zealand’s South Island last year.

In relaying her travel stories from the open road, Marshman fosters an intimacy with the viewer by offering up her subject filtered through memory and steeped in subjectivity. This body of work is not only rich in narrative, it is unified by an arrestingly harmonious palette inspired by the seasonal local colour witnessed on her travels.

“I was very drawn to painting the majestic scenery I saw, but it was a struggle not to make paintings that were too pretty. Zooming in on elements and closely cropping images helped push these paintings in a more abstract direction” – Melinda Marshman.