white is the nothing produced by the all

White is the achromatic, the colour without a hue. It is the light produced by the streaming of the spectrum of colours – the nothing produced by the all. White is the colour of sunlight, snow, milk and chalk. It is perfection, the good, honesty, cleanliness and the new.  It is the noise that surrounds us but does not register. In western cultures and in Japan white is the colour of wedding dresses, symbolizing purity and virginity. In many Asian cultures white is the also the colour of mourning.  The multiplicity of white from absolute to innuendo is the subject that draws together seven Sydney-based emerging women artists and  recent alumni of the National Art School. Informed by the vastly different background of each artist’s experiences, the processes and individual interpretations of this contradictory colour are expectedly diverse: from felted body sculpture to playful installations of found white sea buoys, from shrouded Perspex to drawings and paint. Unified by the common aesthetic of white, the diversity of artworks in this exhibition celebrates seven intensely personal interpretations of the spectrum’s most enigmatic non-colour.